The Lincoln Gallery

The second objective of the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano is the cultural dissemination through our Gallery by means of the works of local, national and international artists.

Ever since the inauguration of the Colombo Americano “Sede Centro” at Carrera 43 in 1962 we have had art exhibits in the garden we used to have back then between 1970 and 1971. In the garden area and adjacent space, the present Lincoln Gallery was built. In 1974, while the Director was Arthur E. Green lighting and AC were installed. In 1989 the present director, Edward G. McGrath had the Gallery enlarged as it is today.

This Gallery is the oldest Culture space in our city, and since its inauguration, it has been able to maintain a stable program. At the beginning the exhibits were almost always about art; however, the cultural programs have been more varied in the last 24 years.
Up until 2011 The Gallery was a multifunctional space for exhibit every month as well as for poets, musicians, dance groups, plays, workshops, literature, get-together or talks, gardening exhibits, ecology and sometimes it was more than a theatre (Cine Club)

As far as music is concerned, the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano has sponsored, performances by international artists such as mezzo-soprano Linn Maxwell, Lionel Hampton, Jazz Group Longiven Parsons, Drinkall-Baker Duo, Pianist Roman Rudnytiski, Ely Carloz, Mercien Toussaint, Arlington Pardo with his Caribbean ancestral and popular music, and various jazz concerts performed by Atlantico Big Band. As for drama, we have fostered this form of art in Barranquilla. We feel proud of supporting local groups, thus opening the door for them to show their stage performance: “Compañia actores” directed by Fernando Cardenas and Mayerlis Beltran that, among other groups, have performed successfully at the Lincoln Gallery.


Dance has also had its own space. “Descompany de New York” with its choreography directed by Joy Triste was shown by Colombo Americano at Amira de La Rosa Theater under the auspices of the US Embassy. Other groups that have performed are group Kore, Judith de Manotas Ballet, Barranquilla Ballet directed by Jorge Armedo, Corporación Cultural de Barranquilla ever since its director was Carlitos Franco and now directed
by Monica Lindo and Robinson Liñan as well as the choreography of “Danzas movimientos” directed by Marlene Cortes, Kalimba Group, Estefania Caicedo Dances, dance groups from Canada, Cali, etc. We have also had high-quality recitals such as that of poet Meira Del Mar.


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