The Oxford Placement Test is computer adaptive, which means that the test adjusts the difficulty of questions based on the student’s responses. Taking this test ensures that it gives a more precise measurement than traditional printed placement test. The results given by OOPT are depicted in both numerical and in their corresponding CEFR Level (Common European Framework of Reference) A1- A2 – B1 – B2 – C1 – C2.

This test is remotely proctored via Google Meet. Once all requirements are met, candidates will receive an e-mail attaching a detailed file about OOPT procedures. This file must be read carefully. In this mail you can also find the test date and the link to have access to our MEET videoconference. It is important to consider this fact: the minimum number of candidates to take the test in a day is 3 (three). Otherwise, the test will be rescheduled, and it will take place on the upcoming date.

What does OOPT evaluate?

English Usage:                                 30 questions, on average.

This section tests grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Listening comprehension:             15 questions, on average.

This section tests your ability to understand different kinds of short conversations.

How can I register?

Online ONLY

  • Step 1

Pay the test’s fee through the following means:

  • From any other kind of banking accounts different from Bancolombia, transfers can be done through WOMPI
  • Step 2

  • Fill the registration form ⟮On-line registration⟯ in the following link: Click here

Add (scanned preferably):

  • Identification document (both sides)
  • Payment receipt

You can use this tool to convert or create your PDF file: Click Here

  • Step 3

Wait for confirmation. This confirmation will be sent the day after your test’s registration deadline via e-mail. In case, you need further information you can call: 605 3854444 Ext. 130 or email examenes@colomboamericano.org

When can candidates take the test?


Month Registration Deadlines Test Dates
January Friday 13th

Friday 20th

Thursday 19th

Thursday 26th

February January, Friday 27th

Friday 10th

Thursday 2nd

Thursday 16th

March Feb, Friday 24th

Friday 10th

Monday 10th

Thursday 2nd

Thursday 16th

Thursday 30th

April Monday 10th

Friday 21st

Thursday 13th

Thursday 27th

May Friday 5th

Friday 12th

Friday 19th

Thursday 11th

Thursday 18th

Thursday 25th

June May, Friday 26th

Friday 9th

Friday 23rd

Thursday 1st

Thursday 15th

Thursday 29th

July Jun, Friday 30th

Friday 7th

Monday 24th

Thursday 6th

Thursday 13th

Thursday 27th

August Friday 4th

Friday 18th

Thursday 10th

Thursday 24th

September Friday 1st

Friday 15th

Thursday 7th

Thursday 21th

October Sep, Friday 29th

Friday 13th

Friday 20th

Thursday 5th

Thursday 19th

Thursday 26th

November Oct, Friday 27th

Friday 10th

Friday 24th

Thursday 2nd

Thursday 16th

Thursday 30th

December Friday 1st Thursday 6th


Time allowed:                                   70 minutes.

Since OOPT is a placement test, it does not evaluate speaking or writing skills. It does evaluate the knowledge you have about the language only.

When can candidates get their results?

Candidates will get their results via e-mail within 6 business days after taking the test. However, results are usually sent on Mondays.


  • 15 minutes ahead, you should join our MEET videoconference under the name you used for your registration. In case of any circumstances, you will be waited 5 more minutes once the test session had already started at 9:00 AM. If this waiting extra time is over, no more candidates will be admitted.
  • Have you ID at hand so your identity can be quickly verified.
  • Do not joint our MEET session using institutional or another person’s e-mail accounts. Please use your personal e-mail account so your name can be easily seen on the screen.
  • You must keep your camera on during the test.  Otherwise, you will not be allowed to take it.
  • When on the OOPT platform, make sure you type your name correctly. Later changes cannot be made, not even by us.
  • In advance, you should check your device, camera, audio set and Internet connection because Centro Colombo Americano is not responsible for any technical issue that may occur out of the OOPT platform, neither for power outages nor blackouts.
  • This website oxfordenglishtesting.com should be a tab open on GOOGLE CHROME  or FIREFOX for better experience.
  • The Meet videoconference is for giving instructions and proctoring the test only. We, as proctors, do not have any interference on the test’s questions, answers or results. The OOPT platform will automatically score your test performance.

For further information you can either mail: examenes@colomboamericano.org or  call: 605 385 4444 Ext. 130 or 159

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