The Michigan English TEST (MET)

The Michigan English Test (MET) is an examination for test takers who want to evaluate their general English language proficiency in social, educational, and workplace contexts. Listening recordings and reading passages reflect everyday interactions in an American-English-speaking environment.

The Examination and Certification Division of the English Language Institute at the University of Michigan has designed the MET exam. The Centro Cultural Colombo Americano of Barranquilla administers this test, which evaluates the knowledge in the English language to people who require certification for educational or professional purposes nationwide.

This test measures three linguistic skills: listening, reading and Vocabulary/grammar. This test provides reliable and valid results with a score range from 0 to 80 in each of its sections. The total score obtained (on the same scale from 0 to 80) will be equivalent to the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference.


Exam Duration:

This exam lasts 3 hours approximately.

  • Listening – (60 items – 30 mins)
  • Grammar/vocabulary – Reading – (75 items – 90 mins)

Registration and Payment Process

Prospective test takers should register at Centro Cultural Colombo Americano headquarters (Carrera 43 # 51- 95 Barranquilla). In order to do so, you should bring your original ID card (Cédula or passport), photocopy of ID/passport, two pictures with white background and pay the registration fee no later than one week before the date of the test.

Note: The registration deadline depends on availability. Please, register in advance so that you can take test on any of the given dates.

On the exam day, you must bring:

  • Original ID card.
  • A Black lead pencil # 2.
  • A sharpener and an eraser.

Further Information

To register or to get to know more about this exam, please contact:
Teléfono: 3854444 Ext. 130

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