Social Partnership

Our Contribution

The Centro Cultural Colombo Americano contributes to the cultural and social development of Barranquilla by committing itself to the growth and inclusion of citizens through its academic and cultural programs and the support of the State Department of the United States of America, the American Embassy in Bogotá, USAID (Agency of the People of the United States of America) as well as the Fulbright Commission, among others.


Established in 2011 with the support of the American Embassy, the Martin Luther King Leadership Program is the most prestigious leadership and social cooperation program at the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano in Barranquilla.

Not only does the MLK Leadership Program provide full tuition scholarships to outstanding students of local universities, but it also provides leadership training conducted by local and international experts leadership training through this program emphasizes intellectual and civic engagement. The MLK recipients receive the following privileges and special benefits: 24 modules of the Colombo Intermediate Program of
English, 2 modules of the Colombo Advanced Program of English, Texts and CD’s, Leadership training by local and international experts, Free membership to the George Washington Library, Free access to the Multimedia Room.

Program Requirements

In order to be selected, applicants must be currently attending a university program at any institution in the Department of Atlántico and demonstrate exceptional academic achievements and commitment to community service. Active participation in leadership positions is also valuable.


Social Partnership

Access Program

The English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) provides a foundation of English language skills to talented youth from economically disadvantaged sectors. This program gives participants skills that may lead to better jobs and educational prospects through after-school classes and intensive sessions.

Participants also gain the ability to compete for and participate in future exchanges and study in the United States.

Since its start in 2004, the Access program has had over 105,000 students from more than 85 countries participate. The program was initiated in Colombia in 2009 under the administration/operation of the Centros Colombo Americano. More than 1,500 students have benefited from it.


Social Partnership


This program is sponsored by the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano and it is aimed at public-school students, college students or needy professionals who want to learn English at this binational centre. This program provides free English instruction for students who work part-time, in exchange, at one of the Colombo departments where their service is required.

How to apply:

Applicants to the Work-Study Program must be:

  • Eighteen years old or older.
  • Available to attend an intense learning program and have enough time to cooperate with the assigned tasks at any of the departments of the Colombo (10 hours a week).
  • First-time applicants.

Applicants must submit to the Colombo Administrative Office a completed resume in which information about contacts and time availability is stated. Resumes of qualified applicants will become part of the Colombo database and will be taken into account in the selection process as positions become available.

If you need further information about the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano Work-Study Program, feel free to contact us: Telephone (5) 3855 44 44 Ext. 122.


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