Multimedia Room

The Centro Cultural Colombo Americano, through the Multimedia Room, offers to the whole community in Barranquilla the service of a room specially designed for users to develop their linguistic skills: listening, speaking, and reading among others.

Users have a fine freedom of choice:

  • Internet and Multimedia Programs for English self-learning, a collection of music, audio video and interactive CD-Roms, and a conversation club for our current students.
  • The area also offers specialized material to prepare for international tests such as TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, MET, ECCE, ECPE, among others.


Likewise, other courses for internet induction as well as new information technologies are offered individually or in groups.   All this is implemented within a very comfortable atmosphere led by highly trained personnel.

In order to have access to all these software utilities, the interested person has to buy a multimedia ticket for $2.000 pesos in the administrative office and, they will discount the cost per hour of the service to be used from this ticket.

Audio     $400          Internet   $1600
Film     $1200          CD Rom  $1200


It offers more than 270 movies on DVD, VHS and Blue Ray and it is an excellent alternative for those who love the film-making industry. Also, we offer movies, documentaries, and classic films with English caption, which are great to learn new vocabulary and practice grammatical structures. The material is available in VHS, DVD and Blue Ray format.


This tool allows you to communicate with the whole world. It helps reinforce acquired knowledge in the English learning process by doing grammar, vocabulary and reading online exercises, in an interactive and autonomous way by means of using electronic and digital resources.


You will find a variety of CD-ROMs that will allow you to practice the four linguistic skills:   speaking, listening, writing and reading.


Enhance your “listening” skills in an autonomous and interactive way using music CDs, audiobooks, textbooks, and much more.


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