Open call for Fulbright scholarships for postgraduate studies in the Unit


The general benefits of Fulbright scholarships include: monthly stipend for support, partial or total exemption from tuition; cost and visa processing; admission rights in up to five universities in the United States, international airfare to and from the country, pre-academic course in the US. UU., Which consists of up to eight months of intensive English at a US university; orientation prior to the start of studies, basic accident program, accompaniment, among others.

For this year, the scholarship portfolio includes five programs:

  • Fulbright – Colciencias

  • Fulbright – Passport to Science

  • Fulbright –Indigenous Leaders

  • Fulbright – Afro-descendant Leaders

  • Fulbright – Minculture for artists

The latter returns to Fulbright’s portfolio, thanks to the commitment of the Ministry of Culture to promote the training of professionals in art and culture, through which scholarships for master’s studies will be awarded. “Fulbright scholarships offer the opportunity to study in a few of the best universities in the world: The United States boasts more than 130 institutions of the Top 500 of the Shanghai 2018 Ranking, which is why it is committed to high-level training for Colombian professionals. We also want to emphasize the effort that the Commission is making to decentralize the program and encourage the application of people in the region “: Dr. Adriana Gaviria Duque, executive director of Fulbright Colombia.

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