The Cinema has achieved an important place in the Colombo programming, since the Lincoln Gallery was opened, a place that until a year ago was used as a cinema, projections of some films were made every year, but only until the year 2000 thanks To the help and dedication of the great film connoisseur and partner of the Colombo, Doctor Rafael Rodríguez, they have been doing ten to eleven film cycles a year each of three monthly films, all of high quality and that have made history in the seventh art.

It should be noted that the entrance to these projections is totally free for the entire Barranquilla community. Currently, for the projection of cinema cycles, the new Auditorio María Cristina Betancourt is used, a place where lovers of the seventh art and members of the cinema can enjoy with all the comfort of a cinema. The film series is presented every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. and the entrance to these is totally free for the entire Barranquilla community.


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